Students from Pre-vocational and Vocational groups are taught the entire process.
This training helps develop appropriate work habits, right attitude towards punctuality, understanding & carrying out instructions and completing the task on hand.

Catering Unit:

Survival cooking, preparation and serving of meals, safety measures in the kitchen.

Spice/ Masala Unit:

Maintaining hygiene for preparation of ground spices (powder masala’s), which include grinding, weighing and packing.

Paper Bags unit:

Making paper bags of various sizes. Skills training in the areas of tracing, drawing, cutting, folding, sticking and decorating. Decorating, counting and packing of envelopes and paper bags.

Tie & Dye unit:

Students are trained to tie the material precisely and create beautiful patterns. Vegetable colours are used for all our Tie and Dye products.

Recycling unit:

Keeping in mind global Warming issues, students are trained to make products like bin liners, etc. from recycled material.

Art & Creative Unit:

Art in every form is encouraged.

  • Music, Dance and Theatre
  • Painting, Paper crafts, and Decorative products

Students are allowed to experience the world of colour with no compulsion of creating anything that will be judged right or wrong. They are guided to express what they are feeling and at the same time all that they create are used or converted to functionally useful products.

enhancing the abilities of people with special needs.....
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