Our teaching methods are totally individualized drawing from both conventional and alternative methods.
Our programmes involve a variety of creative activities as opposed to the usual repetitive and mechanical activities that special people are exposed to. From survival cooking to screen printing to functional academics to gardening….we do it all.

Special Care & Special unit:

For severe and profound students. The five core areas handled are communication, self-care, physical ability training, socio-emotional skills and sensory training.


Entry level for children aged 3 to 12 yrs where skills are taught using an interdisciplinary and integrated approach.


Youngsters are trained for the next level. This includes Language & Communication, Academics, Concepts, Personality development, Grooming, Co-ordination and basic work habits.

Prevocational (paper bag unit):

Youngsters are trained in preparation of a vocation as well as Functional academics, Daily living skills, Self help skills, Work Habits, etc.

Vocational (catering, masala/spice & printing units):

Adults are trained in the following areas – Catering, Grinding, Printing, Card-making, Tie & Dye, Candle making, Paper bag making, and more…

In addition all vocational and pre-vocational students continue to train in the general curriculum which consists of following:

  • Exercises, Mobility & Kinesthetic
  • Functional Academics, EVS
  • Language & Communication
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Grooming, Personality Development
  • Guided & outdoor Games
  • Hand & Eye Coordination
  • Computers

enhancing the abilities of people with special needs.....

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