One morning 3 special educators got thinking over a cup of coffee while pondering about the facilities available for mentally challenged people in Pune.

They realized there was a need for a facility where specially abled people are integrated into society and treated as equals, not disabled. And so was born PRAYATNA for People with Special Needs.

Operating in 1997 with 7 students & 2 teachers, catering to the needs of young adults (14+) with disabilities, the services were extended to younger children by 1998.

Today Prayatna has come a long way since 1997 and are proud to say that we have succeeded in optimizing the potential of a person with Intellectual and Physical challenges for their overall growth, life enrichment and advocacy.

We offer meaningful teaching, vocational activities and life experiences, using simple innovative techniques and practices, to optimize the potential of a person. Our aim is to create competent and confident individuals regardless of their disabilities.

We admit people (children and adults) with varying degrees of conditions like Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, etc., regardless of their IQ, special challenge, background or economic status.

It has been years of hard work and love, by staff, sponsors, volunteers and well wishers. We thank everyone for their support.

We believe that the needs of a special student are best met by offering experiences which are at his/her level and related to his/her life and environment.

enhancing the abilities of people with special needs.....
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